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All ALS  providers will expire on 12/31/19.  You can begin the re-registration process now if you have completed the required continuing education requirements and have current CPR.  For help re-registering, use the registry help along the left hand side of the page located at

Effective January 1, 2020,  EMSVO’s will be required to have the required EMSVO continuing education credit hours recorded on their Continuing Education Record to re-register their EMSVO certification.

Southern Alleghenies EMS Council CISM Team is here to help all first responders with stressful events that occur every day.  The team is trained to handle critical incident stress management if you are someone you know is experiencing anxiety, anger, depression, or guilt.  Contact 814.472.2098 and ask for CISM.  The dispatch line is available 24/7.    


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